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Simplifying Black Hair and Beauty in the UK

Our Story

Founded in November 2018, Asakebeauty was inspired by the lack of accessible hair and beauty services for Afro-Caribbean women living in the UK.

After moving to Cardiff, UK for university, Adesuwa (Founder) quickly noticed women with kinky hair and tighter curls struggled to find hair specialist or depended on self taught D.I.Y hair care routines. She was faced with travelling long distances and visiting Afro-Caribbean communities in cities like London or Birmingham to care for her hair.

Her question soon became what happens to ladies who are unable to maintain or style their hair themselves and how will these women identify relevant service providers?

Asakebeauty was launched with the desire to connect Afro-Caribbean women to hair specialist. It is now our mission as a company to promote, celebrate and improve access to black hair and beauty professionals in the UK.


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